Facebook Groups – Closed, Open & Private.

Facebook is the social website used for communicating with huge amount of users at a time. It has introduced various features, one of those is “Facebook Groups”. It is used by the users to form a group of people interested in particular field or business etc. This feature enabled the users to comfortably join the groups of their interests and feel free to communicate with the group members about any topics.

Facebook groups are of three types – Open, Closed and Secret. These groups are divided according to the users priorities. It is totally discretion of the user that which group is suitable for them.

Open groups are those, which can be perceived by anyone. Here, the members and the posts are visible to everyone. Closed groups are those, which can be viewed by anyone, but only the group members can see the posts. The Secret groups are those, which includes members added by the admin of the groups. In this type, if  you are not added to the group, you will not be able to see the posts, members, and even the group. Even if you search the group you can’t find it, that’s why it is named as Secret group.

Every group has its own specialty. Open groups are for those users, which want their posts to be broaden and anybody can join the group of their interests. Closed groups are those, which has a privacy about their posts, depended on the group admin to add or reject. Secret groups, as revealed by its name itself, maintains the privacy of the users for their posts, where they want to share their thoughts with particular group of people. These groups have more of privacy than other two types of groups.

Groups are made by the people for many sort of users. It may be for their families, friends, colleagues, businesses etc. Especially groups provides features like group chats, sharing documents, information and emails to the all group members on a single click. We also get to know about various views on particular topic. Groups are helpful to everyone in social as well as in real life. Everyone has a group, to which they share everything,

Are you connected to any Facebook group? If not yet, join the group and rejoice!

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